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Android 11 Gets Immediately Pulled by Google, Developer Preview Site Immediately Functions Live

Android 10 is still new, but it seems it may be prepared in its own Developer Preview avatar and that operate on Android 11 has begun. That’s what the most up-to-date misstep of Google suggests. Google upgraded its Android Developer site for Android 11 with the programmer preview. The landing page for Android 11 Developer Preview was recorded for a little period. And before you get your pulse racing, there was no reference of any feature that is noteworthy which Android 11 will bring about no material, and your table .

It further said that the Android 10 Programmer will come with more powerful security for consumer privacy. It also suggests that Android 11 will present support that mobiles are here in order to remain.

The website mentioned other information that was pertinent along with installment guides for devs that want to test Android 11 and also obtain their programs ready for Android’s upcoming version. The pages connected to the Android 11 Developer Preview website were blank.

While nothing of importance for end-users may be pulled from the list that is short, the Android 11 Developer Preview website going is a indication it is ready. It might be surprising if the Android 11 Developer Preview is really released by Google as it’d be way ahead of the usual schedule of their company in contrast Android 10. A testing period is generally conducted by Google prior to making Android variants at its Google I/O occasion if you’re unfamiliar, and that happens in May. Although the rollout starts in 2nd half of this year, the builds are published in March.

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